Kids Coding by Tynker

March 29, 2020
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Tynker is an excellent platform for Kids to code! It’s a fun way to learn computer programming and starts with block programming, logic steps and transitions them into coding in a language like Javascript or Python.

Kids can do things like building games, modding minecraft and creating apps. Tynker is a great way to make kids’ screen time creative and productive. 

Tynker is currently offering 15 Free Coding Resources. Read more about it on the Tynker Blog.

  1. Until May 31, 2020, educators can apply for FREE access!
  2. Enroll for free training and get great tips on how to teach coding to kids
  3. Hour of Code – Story-based coding puzzles, fun projects, and STEM challenges
  4. Download Free Coding Apps
  5. Modding with Tynker and Minecraft: Education Edition
  6. Until Apr 30, 2020, parents can sign up to get FREE access! 
  7. Glitch Manor (free during school closures) 
  8. Augmented Reality(free during school closures)
  9. Python 1 (free during school closures)
  10. Coding puzzles for all levels
  11. Minecraft add-ons and mods
  12. NASA Moon 2 Mars
  13. Barbie You Can Be Anything
  14. Crystal Clash Game
  15. UN Sustainability Goals

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