Stay-At-Home Things to Do (List #1)

This for when you’re looking for fun, educational, creative or worthwhile things to do when you’re staying around the house!


40 Old-Fashioned Skills that Kids Need to Know Today

This is an excellent list, created by Frugal Fun 4 Boys & Girls. The article also has tips for practical knowledge and social skills.

The list of skills includes things like:

  • How to make a phone call
  • How to check tire pressure
  • How to fix something instead of replace it

10-page Stay-At-Home Care Package

This printable PDF package has been created by Alexandra Eidens of Big Life Journal

This pack of ideas will get your children moving and learning while staying indoors!

Free STEAM Activities from Ozobot

This list of online resources is provided for every letter in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math)

Thanks to Ozobot for such cool ideas!

Google Earth has a Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego game

You have to follow clues, research what the clues mean and figure out where to go next.

The game is filled with facts about each city you “visit.”

To get your assignment, look for the special edition Pegman icon in Google Earth for ChromeAndroid and iOS. Good luck, super sleuths! “

Paper Airplane Range: Have Fun with Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplane Range!

This is a game of skill where you challenge your friends and family to score the most points by flying your paper airplane through a target.

You can use large poster board paper and draw circles or other shapes and determine the points that your contestants will score when they fly their paper airplanes through the holes.

You can download a template to get you started: Paper Airplane Range.pdf

You can make it similar to this design

As you make Paper airplanes, try out various designs of folded airplanes and see which type you prefer! Some may fly straighter, for longer, or loop around. Then you’ll know what type of airplane you’d like to use when playing this Paper Airplane Range game.

Activities: 5 ways for your Preschooler to Practice Cutting!

Your child can enjoy learning and improving their skill of cutting. This activity provides many benefits beyond scissors. It helps young children with fine motor skills that they will use when writing, painting, coloring and eating with spoons or forks. Many activities that require hand-eye coordination will benefit from this practice.

Kumon Cutting Books: Bright and fun cutting projects on durable paper

These cutting books are full color with pages of fun and bright projects!

When using these books, select the page for your child and remove it from the book. Then they will be able to hold and move the paper as needed when cutting.

Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills Activity Book 

There are some great resources online to find Cutting projects for your child.

Free Cutting Projects

You can download the following cutting projects and print them out. They are available as PDFs so that they can be easily printed.

Cutting craft projects made from vector assets provided by Vecteezy

From around the Web

These are various cutting pages/projects found from around the Web:

The cut out projects that you glue together after are a favorite!

Scissors for 3 year olds

It’s a great idea to start with plastic-bladed scissors and upgrade when they become more confident. Make sure you use safety scissors, especially ones with blunt tips.

Start with Playdough Scissors

If you find that your toddler/child would like to cut with less supervision, starting with Playdough is a great way to practice cutting.

Practice tasks similar to cutting

There are many activities that also require fine motor skills.

Try using other instruments or doing other tasks associated to cutting.  For instance, tongs, tweezers, and hole-punchers require the same open-close motion of scissors.

Source: Scissor Cutting Skills: Why They’re Important & How To Learn ’Em
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