Science and Technology: Stay-at-Home Things to Do

April 4, 2020
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International Space Station

The following is a list of great Science and Technology resources

Access Mars: VR Curiosity Rover

  • Explore Mars on NASA’s Curiosity Rover!

Mystery Science

  • Hands-on videos that are captivating and spark discussions!

Mystery Doug

  • Every Video answers real student science questions!

Everyday Earth

  • An Interactive, Online STEM Program

5 Days of Engineering Challenges

  • Try out these easy-to-do engineering challenges!

Ask Dr. Universe

  • Kids get their questions answered by Dr. Universe at Washington State University

Smithsonian Ocean

  • Engage kids in the wonders of our oceans.

Steve Spangler Experiment Library

  • Experiments that you can do at Home!

NASA Kids’ Club

  • Play games and learn about Space

Tyto Experiments

  • Currently free for parents and teachers for a limited time

The Happy Scientist

  • Learn some science with Robert Krampf

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