Audio Books: Experience the stories read to you

March 3, 2020
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Audio books can provide literature to your children as they are doing passive activities. They can perform chores or put together puzzles while listening to an adventure or drama read to them.

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Audio Books have great benefits for kids:

  • Helps to expand vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency.
  • Time management, multitasking
  • Knowledge acquisition and familiarity with cultural literature
  • Critical listening skills
  • Focus and attention span improvement
  • More Advantages: 10 Amazing Benefits of Audiobooks

Great Book Series for 8-14

Mr Lemoncello’s Library
by Chris Grabenstein

Mystery, fun facts with board games, video games and word puzzles.

Enjoy 4 Books in this Series

Listen on Overdrive, Cloud Library, Audible

Spirit Animals
by Brandon Mull

Adventures, Danger and Spirit animals that help to save Erdas.

Enjoy 7 Books in this Series. 2nd Series is Fall of the Beasts

  • The Green Ember
  • Peter Nimble
  • Chronicles of Narnia
  • Moby Dick
  • Swiss Family Robinson
  • Wonder
  • Spy School
  • Space Case
  • Fun Jungle by Stuart Gibbs
  • The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place
  • Tom Sawyer

Great Book Series for ages 10-14

  • Ranger’s Apprentice
  • Brother Band Chronicles
  • Age of Extinction
  • Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit
  • Percy Jackson
  • Candy Shop Wars

Free Audio Books

Check your local library’s website for the Audio and Digital content they provide to their community. Seriously, google your library near you now and look at their Digital streaming and audio books that they offer. You’ll need a library card and account in order to use their resources.

The libraries often include the following Audio Book services:

More Free Audio Books:

  • StoryNory
    Provides a small selection of books read to you.
  • Loyal Books
    Free domain books and Audio books
  • DigitalAudio
    Provides a set of free audio books along with a subscription service.
  • Librivox
    Free domain books and Audio books
  • Lit2go
    Free domain books and Audio books
  • Open Culture
    Provides a huge list of free audio book resources
  • Learn Out Loud
    Educational Audio books

If you would like to suggest more great Audio books, please let us know in the comments

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